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ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS doesn’t come easy or quickly. Most of the people who discuss five-digit or six-digit monthly incomes also reveal that it took them from eighteen months to (in some cases) five years or more, to find the right product(s), the right marketing technique(s), and how to seal the deal after they finally got prospective customers coming to their website or cyber-store front.


It seems to be more difficult to go from zero dollars to $2,000 a month, than it is to go from $2,000 a month to $50,000 (or more) a month.  Once the entrepreneur begins to find ways to make a little cash flow his way, incremental improvements appear to have an exponential impact on his income.

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Web site design -

This page was created using Serif Software’s WebPlus X5 package.


SEO IS AN ACRONYM FOR search engine optimization. This originally meant making a web site as accessible and easy to understand as possible for the search bots and ‘robots’ that browse the Internet and return whatever changes and new information they encounter to their senders.

It seems that many industry people are intent on broadening this definition to include anything/everything that has any bearing on how a given search engine ranks a page for a given keyword search.


To my way of thinking- this reduces our ability to intelligently discuss and communicate about the individual elements that, in fact, influence page rank such as site authority and site link popularity.  


SEO begins with good content, appropriate meta descriptions, titles, keywords, appropriate use of header tags and URL elements to identify the core message of a given page - making this information transparent and obvious enough that the search bot algorithms ‘get the message’.  

In house we use Serif Software products for web design, graphics design, graphic art, You Tube video productions.  Matter of fact we have a shelf full of Serif Software products on hand.


Visit the Serif web site


For audio editing and screen capturing we use NCH software.

Web Site Design

SERIF SOFTWARE’S PAGE PLUS X5 is a powerful authoring tool for creating attractive posters, flyers, image-based email copy, brochures, customizing stationary, and more.


Perhaps the most accurate review of this software that I’ve seen is the one from Computer Shopper, who described PagePlus as being, “Close to a fully fledged desktop publishing package at a tenth of the price, PagePlus is a creative software bargain.”


You can generate high quality prints, export as PDF, or export in almost any image format with plenty of options to control the resulting resolution, color depth, and file size.



Visit the Serif web site for more info....



I’ve been a fan and user of PagePlus software for several years now.